Xerrada Sobre Tecnoatenció
Xerrada Sobre Tecnoatenció
Xerrada Divulgativa De Tecnoatenció


The Tecnoatenció project is a service on the prevention, orientation and treatment of inapprorpiate use of new technoloies, paying particular attention to children and youth. Today, it is practically impossible to think of a world without Internet, mobile telephones, video games, and all types of technologies with which we interact on a daily basis. The positive effects are evident: streamlining of procedures, access to a practically unlimited amount of information, the possibility of communication with people at a long distance in real time… This is undoubtedly a revolution in the way of living, both for leisure and work.

In spite of these positive aspects,technology itself is neither beneficial or detrimental to users, but depends more on the use made. In spite of the fact that inclusion of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in our society and our lives, is relatively recent, experience in other countries and current studies undertaken in this field, indicate that the inappropriate use of new technologies, could end up causing dependence or addiction.

Tecnoatenció therefore underlines the difference between the use of ICT and abuse, which can be considered a dependence or addiction. The purpose is to promote the responsible use of new technologies, alert the possible risks involved and detect problematic situations.


Tecnoatenció aims to foresee pathologies associated with the inappropriate use of new technologies, by encouraging responsible use and providing tools to differentiate between what is reasonable and what could be a risk. If these or other pathologies are detected, resources of the community are used and advice is given to families, in order to avoid generational conflicts in the context of technology use.


The Tecnoatenció project gives informative talks  on cyberaddiction and cyberbullying addressed to young people in the last course primary education, secondary education, families, parent’s associations, teachers and other groups, depending on the demand. Up to 2016, over 1,500 students have attended these informative talks.

It also has a personal attention service to tackle these possible addictions, in cases of technological bullying, or because families want to put forward their doubts. To arrange a visit to a specialist psychologist, send a email to “tecnoatencio @ e-citilab.eu


Tecnoatenció is addressed to all sectors of the population: children-teenagers, young people, adults and the elderly, with the aim of preventing, orientating and dealing with the effects of inappropriate use of new technologies. The beneficiaries of the project are the citizens of Cornellà de Llobregat in general, and families, parent’s associations and school teachers in particular. Tools are provided for the management of pathologies or risk behaviour linked to new technologies.

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