Making-off Del Videoclip 'Llença't Al 8!'
Making-off Del Videoclip 'Llença't Al 8!'

Making-off del videoclip 'Llença't al 8!'. Imatge: ©Cmf

Conferència Associació Pastinaca

Conferència Associació Pastinaca

Making-off Del Videoclip 'Llença't Al 8!'

Making-off del videoclip 'Llença't al 8!'. Imatges: ©Cmf

Conferència Associació Pastinaca

Conferència Associació Pastinaca

Conferència Associació Pastinaca

Conferència Associació Pastinaca


The SUCOM project makes Citilab spaces available to citizens. These spaces are provided with computers, technological equipment and Internet connection to go ahead with activities or collaborative projects. SUCOM therefore offers support to these types of actions, developed by citizens, associations and entities, public administrations, entrepreneurs, micro SMEs and universities..

Citilab listens to and assesses all proposals, in order to provide the necessary space for each specific action, and to guarantee that the activities within the SUCOM framework, are in line with the vision and mission of Citilab. They should have a clear orientation towards cooperation, associationism, volunteering or innovation, in topics that could be of general interest.

The spaces facilitated to go ahead with all these proposals are the Vicenç Badenes Room, the Plaça de la creació, Open Surf, Room 0, the Lobby, Training Rooms AB and C, the Recording Studios A and B, and finally the Catering Area.


The aim of SUCOM is to drive and give support to community needs, particularly to people with talent, initiative and leadership abilities. In this way, it is intended to contribute to open collaborative projects, and also to increase activity and display of existing networks.. The idea is also to boost knowledge contributed by the community and their motivations.


SUCOM gives support to citizens, local, cultural, entrepreneurial and association projects…

One of the participations of Citilab in a local, cultural project, is the recording of the videoclip <>, a musical topic of the Cornellà group,Muyayo Rif, which was created to encourage the Cornellà Human Towers. The human tower castellers were able to count on SUCOM for facilities and studios of Citilab.

We should also highlight the support offered to people with initiative and entrepreneurship, who are going ahead with projects such as the Smash Games Community , a group of young people who use Citilab as a meeting and leisure place. Or the project Singular Emotion, specialists in creating contents through immersive technology.

Citilab has also given support to association and group sessions such as thePastinaca Association of Cornellà de Llobregat, which raises awareness on diet, proximity shopping and healthcare for citizens.<0> TheCol·lectiu Punt 6, Innobaix, Xarxa de Dones Emprenedores de Cornellà, Associació de Veïns de Fontsanta or the Plataforma Marea Blanca are other entities in the SUCOM project.

The Master Degree in Theory and Practice of the UAB Creative Documentary and the Drupal Association also use the facilities of Citilab to undertake training activities or community actions.


The project is addressed to the whole community, to all citizens with talent or entities, institutions or companies which want to go ahead with all their projects of a collaborative nature.

With SUCOM, Citilab boosts the essence of the institution, based on social and digital innovation culture, know-how, and the collaboration of society.

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