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The Social Media Lab is based on the idea that by making use of new social media, citizens can go from a passive role to a creative role. This transfer could become a key agent for social innovation. Internet. today’s phenomenon of convergence, democratization and mobility of audiovisual media along with ITC are a production context, in which the citizen can innovate and become a creator of knowledge.

Together with the programming and makers clubs, from Edutec, the Social Media Lab has started up the Media club, where Citilab users can start in the world of audiovisual production.
It is also in charge of recording, production and editing of audiovisual material for documentation or projects, or to disseminate different workshops or activities of Citilab.


The objectives of the Social Media Lab are to disseminate and display different activities of Citilab, to record different projects in order to document them, along with showing and sharing different events that take place in Cornellà. This is done either by giving support to the communities, or to the Local Council.
At the same time, it provides the town with resources to construct its own audiovisual projects, with the support of the Citilab technical team. It also provides facilities and materials that are available to the Social Media Lab.
What we do
  • Recording of events, courses, workshops and other activities carried out at Citilab.
  • Audiovisual editing and montage.
  • Video editing/production, using different techniques; live broadcasting with chroma and/or multi-camera, such as the Tecnoestiu and Xiringuito Jove workshops; short formats showing Citilab activities (Cititastets).
  • Various interviews and/or debates (Seniorlab)
  • Publication in Youtube as the main diffusion channel of audiovisual material.


The intention of the Social Media Lab is not only to give media support to different internal or external projects. It therefore focuses on empowering agents with whom we interact, to create alliances. This enables Citilab to extend its potential with new agents of the city. At the same time, we work to provide access to these agents to our own audiovisual resources, in order to contribute in displaying the wealth of the associative and cultural network of the territory.

In 2016, the joint work was maintained with the technicians of the youth and solidarity department of the Local Council, started in 2015 (Musical Factory, Diversity cooking, Xiringuito Jove, Jazz & beer, etc.).  With the Media Clubs and other actions within theCollaboration framework, we have wanted to contribute to enforcing alliances with agents of the territory, by participating and disseminating the actions of their entities.

Since 2016, Citilab has also taken over recording and live broadcasting, via streaming, of the Cornellà Local Council plenary meetings, with management of the server and streaming, along with hosting the recordings of our own YouTube channel, created for this purpose.

The videos that show the results of all the actions of Social Media Lab can be viewed through the Citilab Youtube channel.


The Social Media Lab actions and projects are basically focused on local communities of Cornellà del Llobregat. The main task of the Social Media Lab is to provide media support to different internal or external projects, in which Citilab has participated. From producing audiovisuals for the purpose of disseminating or showing different actions undertaken, to collecting images for the documentation or dissemination of projects.

Other companies and associations have also required the support of the Social Media Lab, to develop their audiovisual projects, particularly material (cameras, spotlights, etc.) or space such as sets, with chroma and assistance in lighting.
The Social Media Lab started the Media Clubs project, where citizens or users of Citilab work together on their audiovisual projects, with the support, material and assistance of the Citilab technical team. They work on a common project, and at the same time, they develop their own individual project, using and learning about different tools required for their project.
Anyone interested in developing or working on an audiovisual production, such as Entities of Cornellà, CETIC Companies (Information and CommunicationS Technology Centres), Citilab users who are interested, or projects of an audiovisual nature, that need material or studies of the Social Media Lab.

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