Membres De SeniorLab Durant Una Presentació De Projectes
Membres De SeniorLab Durant Una Presentació De Projectes
Membres De SeniorLab Durant Un Debat
Membres De SeniorLab Durant Una Presentació


The SeniorLab project is an initiative by Citilab, the Fundació i2cat, the Universitat de Barcelona and the Universitat de la Gent Gran of Cornellà, to explore the development possibilities of innovation skills, among the over-fifties, in the design and construction of knowledge society, basically in a technological innovation context.

SeniorLab if based on the idea that senior citizens can contribute in an innovative way, to the design and construction of the digital and knowledge society, by giving their experience and memory as an asset.


The purpose of the project is to’empower senior citizens in technological skills, thereby increase their participation in ciitzen debates and preventing social exclusion.

The contribution of the memory and experience of senior citizens in society as a whole, is the natural aim of any community; and to do so using technologies and facilitating access to this group, who may feel excluded, is the goal of SeniorLab. In this way, the senior citizens community of Cornellà can make significant contributions to ICT, improving the self-image of this community.

The contribution of Seniorlab has focused on the goal of constructing a kit of digital tools for seniors, an innovative guidance, which had not had sufficient consideration until now. In this way, digital technology skills are improved, which is considered a precondition for active citizens and for social connection of senior citizens.


Senior citizens work on projects, mainly on topics of a historic or proximity nature. This activity is added to outings and research for information through Internet, along with participation in talks on topics associated with their goals.

The work carried out has contributed to the Seniorlab project, bringing research, knowledge and dissemination. This has perfected the work model per project and empowered senior citizens, from a social and technological viewpoint.

It can be said that the Seniorlab project helps participating citizens to break down the perception of solitude, increasing their comprehension of the need to have an active old age. It also increases self-esteem on participating in a social project, which is developed in the Citilab environment.


Seniorlab is open to participation bypeople over 55 years of age from Cornellà. However, it is obvious that social activation of seniors from a technological point of view, along with their contributions, enrich society as a whole, as it helps to improve social cohesion and the transmission of know-how between citizens.

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