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Satchel (Seniors Accessing Technologies for Co-housing with e-Learning) is a European project of experience exchange, in the area of innovative training for senior citizens. The intentions was to put senior communities of the cities of Helsinki, Manchester and Cornellà de Llobregat in contact, so that they can work on success cases, which have led these communities to improve their lives and social insertion, always from the perspective of the knowledge society.

Throughout this project, hints have been given on how to develop public policies at European level in this field. The participation of Citilab in the project has followed a very specific line of transferring technological know-how.Evolution of this has led to significant expansion in skills acquired, which in principle, were not planned, plus an important enrichment of the team.


The aim of the project is to promote active citizenship of senior citizens, preventing their social exclusion.. Topics have included co-housing, how seniors can contribute to the design of inhabiting cities and how to do so with ICT. Today, it is believed that their contribution to SmartCities could be essential.
The contribution of Seniorlab has focused on the goal of constructing a kit of digital tools for seniors, an innovative guidance, which had not had sufficient consideration until now. In this way, digital technology skills are improved, which is considered a precondition for active citizens and for social connection of senior citizens.


The project has led to sharing, knowing, comparing and learning a more plural and diverse Europe. At the same itme, ti has enabled visions and experiences to be united. Seniors have developed technological and cultural skills in constant interaction, that has enabled them to obtain and share information on co-housing models between different countries.

The senior community of Cornellà has contributed technological knowledge and their learning processes. They have also received knowledge from Helsinki and Manchester, on their experiences in co-housing and in the participation of the design of urban planning projects.

The interrelation between groups has helped to acquire and share this knowledge, along with different solutions each group has provided, concerning the specific difficulties of their community.

Four workshops have been carried out: one in Cornellà de Llobregat, presenting technological tools; two in Helsinki, one on co-housing and another to close the project; plus a workshop held in Manchester, to transfer experience in the development and creation of urban spaces, with the collaboration of seniors.

The participation of seniors in projects of this type, has been highly positive, both for the seniors themselves and administrations and businesses. The experiences obtained can help in developing ICT tools, to create more positive citizen environments for seniors citizens, and therefore, for society in general.

One of the most interesting activities has been the collaboration with students of the Manchester School of Architecture, in which the ideal housing model for seniors was established, including aspects such as sustainability, microeconomics and the environment.

Citilab contributed to this project chiefly by transferring know-how on new technologies. 44 open software tools were collected to share common interests, plus a large volume of contents available in a specific website, highlighting the videos recorded and edited by seniors, presentations, project posters, 11 life stories of experiences of senior citizens, specific dissemination articles, SmartCities workshops, sexuality, Active Ageing and co-housing.

Seniors have also produced a storybook and have done a Google + network.


This project is addressed to senior citizens living in European cities. The empowerment of senior communities from a technological point of view, along with their contributions, enrich society as a whole, as they helps to improve social cohesion and the transmission of know-how between citizens.

A group of ten people has been set-up in MediaLab, with a high level of autonomy and skills to be able to transfer know-how to other groups.

The most outstanding benefits at internal level, have been that the high level of skills of seniors with respect to groups from other countries, has been acknowledged. This has broken down barriers on past stereotypes, regarding different intellectual or technological levels between participating countries.

Finally, this project has helped to weigh up the needs of local councils, to be able to cover basic needs.

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