Membres Dels Clubs Fent ús De L'Opensurf


Opensurf is a free, spacious surfing room for citizens, with 50 computers connected to Internet through Wi-Fii and free of charge.  This open, multipurpose space is one of the characteristic areas of Citilab, because it invites citizens to make use of all devices available, or bring their own equipment. This encourages interaction between users.

At Opensurf, demonstration workshops and micro-workshops are also held, with the support of Citilab experts to solve any doubts or problems.

Apart from free connection, other activities are also developed.

  • Tuesdays: Programming club (Tuesdays)
  • Wednesdays: Media Club and mobile learning Group
  • Thursdays: Makers Club
  • Fridays: Gamers Community
  • Daily: Collaborative work, freelance work, free access to Internet in the Linux zone. Multimedia work in the Mac zone with the Adobe suite. And the break zone to have something to eat and regain your strength.

This coexistence of uses makes OpenSurf a live space, full of interaction. It is therefore advisable to use earplugs or headsets for activities that require concentration.


The purpose of Opensurf is to facilitate universal access to Internet, know-how and to new technologies.

By offering this great meeting and connectivity area, the aim is to promote learning, research and the exchange of know-how, through the use of free software and online tools.

In this way, Citilab intends to include and bring the whole community together in the knowledge society, in order to enable ICT to become an innovation opportunity for citizens, without any gaps or discrimination.


In 2016, Opensurf was visited by over 7,800 users, who have benefited from the facilities, the equipment and connection of the Citilab space.

Throughout the year, Opensurf has totalled 25,000 uses , which are the result of the good atmosphere, optimum connection and the user assistance service by Citilab experts.


The target public of the project are all citizens of Cornellà del Llobregat and surrounding areas.

Entry to Opensurf and Internet access, within this space, are open to the whole community, and to everyone interested in sharing and learning new things regarding new technologies. All you need is a Citilaber card.

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