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MusicLab was a research project that emerged from thecreation of a face-to-face and virtual artistic community. It was to develop new learning systems, experiment with new methods of creative relation (both online and face-to-face) and innovation in new co-cultural contents.


The main goal of MusicLab was to provide everyone with material to foster musical knowledge and practice, and to offer interactive and innovative musical contents, aimed at disseminating the possibilities of digital tools as knowledge and display vehicles of our immediate future.

To do this, the project was developed in a training, creation and research area, where the creations of future artists could be displayed. This was to put into practice the tools provided by new technologies, and to transmit interest in culture and music, at the same time as demonstrating that knowledge can be acquired in an enjoyable, practical and interactive way.

Hence MusicLab aims to offer a new service, that develops musical practice, providing a programme of activities in which musical revitalization in digital networks is the reference point of actions.


The project, which was carried out in 2010 and 2011, formed a music community with 300 agents.

MusicLab has developed a wide variety of innovative musical actions: interactive pedagogic sessions with various percussion, string and wind instruments: interactive music classes and auditions, experiments of a scientific and social nature, workshops open to the community, and round tables to discuss music.

Projects for third parties and educational innovation programmes for the community, have also been implemented. To find out the results, go to the MusicLab website.


The target public of the project were all professional artists and musicians and amateurs interested in musical innovation, experimentation and development

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2010 – 2011

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