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JamToday is the first European network dedicated to applied game design . The project brings together a range of stakeholders from different sectors, for the sustainable implementation and adoption of a new generation of educational games throughout Europe. Creative clusters, video game companies, research and education institute, public sector institutions, plus others, all take part in JamToday, for the purpose of establishing a common, network work stream in the creation of educational games.

JamToday regularly organizes “Game Jams“, great competitive sessions for playing (and at the same productive work sessions). These have become a powerful instrument to encourage innovation in the creation, development and deployment of educational games.

“Game Jams” are basically events to develop games, where game profotypes are created in a short space ot time, usually between 24 and 48 hours. In many aspects, a Jam can be compared to a “hackathon”, an event where a group of people meet for a set period of time and work jointly on a project.

“GameJams” offer the possibility of converting an idea into a potentially innovative solution, about specific topics. At the same time, they provide the opportunity to explore the development process. Apart from this, “GameJams” are held simultaneously in different points of Europe. Citilab, which has arranged more than one “GameJam”, has access to a methodological kit to organize them. It also has the experience and facilities to make this format a highly powerful and successful experience.


JamToday aims to ultimately implement games to improve education and learning. Hence it is a question of making the game creation process transparent, and establishing mechanisms to boost, encourage and transmit knowledge and experience through games. JamToday also develops meeting and interaction between different people, who find themselves involved in the design and implementation process of the game, aimed at user learning. In this way, a link is established that unites games applied with their fields of application.

JamToday focuses on a particular topic every year, and:
• “Game Jam” is organized in various places of Europe.
• They define a common task consulting with experts in the topic.
• It provides the framework to assess the results of “Game Jams” and their potential impact.
• They provide a framework to transfer games in learning contexts.


As a result of “Game Jams”, JamToday organizes an annual pan-European festival around the main topics. In 2014, focus was made on improving ICT skills (such as learning encryption skills or game creation). In 2015, taking on healthier lifestyles (for example, a healthy diet or the transformation of anti-social behaviour. In 2016, learning mathematics.

JamToday has a regional, national and European projection, so that it aims to also provide a replicable model of good practice in the design of transformation and method environments, plus tools which have been validated from several perspectives.


The project is firstly addressed to centres which train future professionals, both in the technolofy industry and in the field og education, or video games.

At a second level, the project is addressed to educators who are open to including the use of educational video games in the classroom. In 2015, the theme of the games developed, was focused on healthy habits. Therefore, the games developed can help work on good habits at school, or in institutions dedicated to dissemination and awareness in certain areas.

Finally, the project is also addressed to experts in the video game industry from all over Europe, who can contact each other through the network created by the 60 European members of JamToday.

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