Incubadora D'innovació Social
Incubadora D'innovació Social


Future DiverCities is focused on artistic fields of music, digital art and street art. It is aimed at developing new ways of thinking and experimenting with culture in an alternative way to mainstream movements.

Although it is true that globalization has provided tools for interaction and collaboration, at the same time it has meant that global corporations have imposed their economic rules on creative industries and the public. The diversity of works of art, fair pay for their creators or the visibility of independent artists, are the victims of this imposition.

The European project Future DiverCities is conceived from this observance. It aims to explore new models of creation and dissemination that are able to sustain cultural diversity and alternative dynamics.. Based on the idea that society can achieve many things when working together, Future DiverCities is directed by the British, non-profit organization Superact and involves 9 cultural organizations from 8 different countries, funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


The main goals of the project are:

  1. Create a creative platform to share emerging innovative and collaborative knowledge and art through Europe.
  2. Develop a new economic model to support creation, distribution and monitoring of artistic works, which challenge the traditional value chain.
  3. Create a consortium of artists able to develop and attract a wide range of audiences throughout the world.
  4. Create new forms of art to attract and stimulate audiences, through the development and knowledge of digital platforms and tools, apart from encouraging positive social change and the construction of social capital.
  5. Intensify European and international development through activities undertaken by the partners.

The objectives of the project will be achieved through four main concepts:

  • Values that defend a fair salary for the creators:
  • Methodology that makes use of design thinking:
  • The development of co-creation and participation with people from throughout Europe, in order to create smart associations.
  • The use of technology with a streaming platform and mobile applications that support independent artists.


Future DiverCities acts as an incubator of cultural innovation and new practices in creativity. This is done by encouraging to take on risks through the creation of works of art under difficult circumstances. The main long-term results are:

1. The creation of an ecosystem to support a sustainable economy and creativity.
2. The reinforcement of bonds between citizens, communities and art.
3. The construction and consolidation of new audiences throughout the world; audiences that can become both consumers of art and co-creators of works of art, next to artists themselves.
4. The increased mobility of artists and professionals for the internationalization of their careers.


Future DiverCities aimsto reinforce social links of communities all over the world, through the arts, in this specific case, through music, digital art and street art. It is therefore addressed to both the citizens of partner countries and artists of these disciplines from throughout the world, particularly from countries that form part of the project.

For example, Future DiverCities involves the creation of creative laboratories, artist residencies, public performances and participatory events in each of the partner countries. The partners of the project are:

Superact (Wellington, UK)
ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival (Kuopio, Finland)
1D Lab (Saint Etienne, Lyon and Paris, France)
Public Art Lab (Berlin, Germany)
CitiLab (Cornellà, Spain)
Seconde Nature (Aix de Provença, France)
BEK (Bergen, Norway)
Kontejner (Zagreb, Croatia)
Liepaja City Council (Latvia)

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