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The Clubs are areas of specialized creativity, in which self-learning, collaboration, exchange of knowledge is promoted among users and project work. The clubs are open to everyone, regardless of their level of knowledge, with the intention that members who know more help others who know less.

The different clubs in which the project is structured are:

  • Programming Club
  • Media Club
  • Makers Club
  • New Artisans

These areas are available in an ongoing way, to develop the autonomy of users. At certain regular, programmed times, they have the support of Citilab experts. Regular talks are also given to club members or guests. The clubs each have a self-managed budget, meaning that members can acquire the material required to develop all the activities.


Apart from the general collaborative, self-learning goals, each specialized Club has its own specific objectives.

Programming Club

The Programming Club aims to bring the world of programming to citizens and to create games and other types of projects. It develops learning to generate projects, focusing on programming environments in blocks, such as Scratch, Snap!, AppInventor and GP.

Media Club

The aim of the Media Club is to help citizens experiment and learn in a collaborative way in the audiovisual field. By connecting audiovisual projects with new trends of the sector, which have democratized access to new audiovisual media (transmedia, user generated content, etc.) learning and group co-creation is developed.

Makers Club

The Makers Club is an approach to the world of creative electronics and the “maker” culture. The aim of the club is therefore to work with projects that have a physical materialization in prototype form, teaching creative electronics, microcontrollers, IoT along with printing technology and 3D production.

New Artisans

The New Artisans group emerged from the Makers Club, and accompanies a project-based learning process. The aim is to encourage learning in a practical manner, through specialization projects that involve design, programming and/or microelectronics.


The Clubs project has become established over 2016. With the initial Meetup call and the opening of the Clubs website we have had a more constant flow of participants. The website was set up as part of the documentation process and transfer of the initial projects.

The new communities specialized in programming, media and makers trained through the Clubs, construct projects with a social return, which are the result of collaborative and practical work of all members. The development of projects is accompanied by all the documentation compiled and field work, materialized in blog format and repository.

Programming Club Projects

Media Club Projects

Makers Club Projects

New Artisans Projects

Many of the initial projects are still underway and new initiatives have been added, particularly research work by secondary schools which have found the Clubs to be an ideal area to develop this type of project thanks to the availability of materials, tools and assessment. With this relationship between secondary schools of Cornellà and Citilab, we are able to implement new ways of learning, creation and sharing knowledge  in the education system.

The number of participants in the Clubs is variable, depending on the number of projects in progress and their availability. Throughout 2016, there has been a regular participation of between 15 and 30 people.


All citizens over the age of 12 can participate in the Clubs, who are interested in developing projects in a collaborative environment, based on practical self-learning.

In a new general context, which is increasingly more dependent on new technologies, and a job environment that demands new, more versatile, professional profiles with a high capacity to adapt to new, more collaborative work methods, the Clubs have become the ideal area to learn in a more dynamic way, increasing autonomy and teamwork.

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