Who we are

Citilab is a citizen’s laboratory for social and digital innovation, located in Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona. It explores and disseminates digital impact in creative thinking, design and innovation that emerge from digital culture. Citilab is a mixture between a training centre, a research centre, and a business and social initiative incubator.

It was conceived from this idea in 1997, and later opened its premises on 23 November 2007. Since then, Citilab has developed its activity as a citizen digital innovation centre for the dissemination and development of the Knowledge Society. Its working methods are based on living labs: design thinking, computational thinking and user-based co-creation. At Citilab, Internet is considered a means to innovate with citizens at the processing centre, in a more collaborative and inclusive manner.

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Citilab is the drive and benchmark of a new inclusive and cohesive knowledge society. It promotestechnological and social innovation; it creates value, knowledge and new networking opportunities.


  • Develop the knowledge society, disseminating new technologies and new relations between society, art, science and ICT.
  • Bring the latest technological innovations of Internet to the general public at all levels.
  • Maintain social cohesion within digital culture, providingdemocratic access to information and promoting the use of new technologies.
  • Foster and develop all types oftraining activities.

Awards and distinctions

  • Citilab “case story” of Citizen Innovation in the “Citizen-Driven Innovation” European Guide for mayors and public administrators. European Network of Living Labs and World Bank (2014)
  • Citilab“Best practice” of Social Innovation in theEuropean Commission Guide (2013)
  • Deserving Initiative Guangzhou Award for Urban Innovation (2012)
  • Award to Excellency in ICT activities of the Urban Land Institute of London (2010)
  • National Award to Innovation and Good Practice Infanta Cristina (2010)
  • Social Innovation Area (2010)
  • Award to Territorial Innovation given by RuraliTIC (TIC et territoires rurales) in the category of “Foreign experiences” (2008)
  • Best Project of a Non-Profit Entity in the 3rd Edition of the Fundetec Awards (2008)