Upcoming sessions

New sessions are held every Monday, that are arranged through Google+.

Each session is separate, meaning that new issues and tools are discussed every week. In the Google+ sessions, contents are explained on upcoming sessions. Participants can decide if they can and want to go.

When receiving information on the sessions every Monday about the Tecnosenior workshop, everyone can send an email to dsolano(arrova)e-citilab.eu or contact Citilab.


Tecnosenior is a new workshop created by SeniorLab in 2015. The aim is to provide training in electronic devices (smartphones, tablets and computers) and bring people closer to various tools and applications. It should be underlined that all subjects and knowledge given vary depending on the the interests and requests from students.
Tecnosenior activities eliminates compulsory attendance, as there is no firm commitment in the schedule. It therefore becomes a voluntary activity that was created spontaneously as a result of the interest, curiosity and motivation of the over-40s.

More information


  • Acquire digital skills
  • Learn how to use devices such as the tablet or mobile
  • Learn about various tools and applications
  • Exchange knowledge and concerns

To whom is it addressed?

For the over-40s


Face-to-face training


Citilab will provide the following during the course:

  • A meeting and work space
  • Technical equipment: computers
  • Programmes, tools and applications proposed by the participants


  • Autonomous, group learning with the support of Citilab
  • Approach to ICT in a practical way
  • In some cases, workshops are given by the students themselves


Average level of technology knowledge







There is not a fixed, set programme. As each session is separate, the contents discussed in upcoming sessions are explained at the Google+ session.
The tools and programmes described are also decided depending on the needs, interests and concerns of the training participants.


  • Citilab
  • Pl. Can Suris, s/n
  • Cornellà, Barcelona 08940 Spain
  • Tel. +34 93 551 06 60
  • Website: citilab.eu

Teaching team

Dolors Solano

Dolors Solano

I started at Citilba as a seniorlaber, and later formws part of the technical team as a coordinator. Since September 2008, my tasks are giving technological support to all projects undertaken in the Seniorlab workshops.