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From 26th September 2017 to 23rd January 2018. Tuesdays from pm to pm


Initiation in programming for the public aged 8 to 12, to change the way of interacting with technology, towards an active, creative way, and not only as users. Work is done in the Scratch programming environment, designed to enhance skills of the st century and to work on computer thinking methods.

Participants learn to programme, using logical thinking and problem-solving strategies. This is done in a block construction graphic environment, ideal for experimenting and creativity, and with tools to share the work carried out.

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  • Learn to programme, by using block programming systems
  • Enable children to become creators of value, not as consumers.
  • Develop logical thinking, problem-resolving, creativity and innovation
  • Generate technical and scientific vocations

To whom is it addressed?

General public aged 8 to 12. During the course, Citilab will provide:



  • Computers for workshops
  • Online materials to follow the course


  • Learn to construct increasingly complex projects
  •  Work as a group with diverse knowledge in the same project
  • Use open tools, with the support of the community and share knowledge acquired.


Basic use of the computer


16 hours in 16 one-hour sessions



50% discount for children whose parents are unemployed


  • Citilab
  • Website:


Introduction to programming

First contact with the Scratch programme and website, Concept of objects, Orders and messages. How to import and construct new objectives.

Beginner exercises

Pong game, Drawing polygons, Geometry, the Magic Garden, the Virtual Aquarium.

Intermediate exercises.

Spacecraft, Angry Birds, Noughts and Crosses, Stories and presentations and the Barc musical.

Construction of complex programmes

Simulations, Planetary motions, Simulation of an infection, Creation and solution of mazes, Four in line, Sokoban.


  • Citilab
  • Pl. Can Suris, s/n
  • Cornellà, Barcelona 08940 Spain
  • Tel. +34 93 551
  • Website:

Teaching staff

Joan Güell

Joan Güell

Trainer specializing in robotics and block programming. From the start, my main tasks have been related to training, in two dimensions; firstly to teach programming, particularly to children, using Scratch, and secondly to teaching initial computer knowledge to adults, who have had practically no contact with computer.