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Joan GüellSpecialist trainer in robotics and block programming

From the start, my main tasks have been related to training, in two dimensions; firstly to teach programming, particularly to children, using Scratch, and secondly teaching initial computer knowledge to adults, who have had practically no contact with computer.

In the field of programming, I participate in the development of a teaching programme, designed in three levels: children, teenagers and adults. For children, apart from organizing courses, we have performed intense work in disseminating them among teachers and the general public. through courses and sessions, (such as the Programme session since it started in 2009). We have also presented Scratch in different fields, such as teachers’ associations (Creamat, Acte) and events related to science and technology. I also participate in the development of new Scratch applications in the environment of robotics (S4A). In the field of professional programming, I am an active member of, the Smalltalk programming group created in Citilab and linked to ESUG.

I am graduated in Natural Sciences (Biology). During my initial years, I worked in the field of Ecology and on the need to be able to analyse information generated by the data collected, and to construct models based on these data. From here, I started to become interested in computer science. I took my first Programming course in 1975 at that time (computers still operated with punch cards): it was called something like “Programming of Scientific Applications”. I then started working in Agriculture (Marine Cultures), which is related to the above, as it is a question of optimizing an ecosystem to maximize the attainment of biomass (end product), and minimizing costs (energy and food), at the same time, maintaining critical stable parameters. I specialized in the design of facilities to meet the above mentioned requirements.

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