Sector of Activity: software

Foundation date: 2008

Area occupied in Citilab: Company area I. First floor, Box 8 (P1B8)

Differential element of innovation: Ubitask is a collaboration platform for SMEs and the development of customized projects for Authorizing Centres and Payment Gateways. Within the Productivity section, we have developed Ubitask, a collaboration Platform for SMEs, designed to increase their productivity. We also work on their marketing (including the continuation of development services around the platform, such as consultancy, implementation, training and support, relationship with partners, etc). Within the section of Trusted Deals, we implement developments and customized projects, particularly in the area of Authorizing Centres and the area of petrol stations. These are complex projects, which we are able to tackle thanks to our know-how and experience in very specific aspects, such as payment gateways or security and cryptography.