Sector of Activity: Architecture and Virtual Reality

Foundation date: March 1998

Number of employees: 6

Area occupied in Citilab:  Company area II. Floor 2. Loft 6 (P2A6)

Differential element of innovation: The creation of virtual reality applications enables all types of ideas and projects to be visualized before undertaking them.

Tetravol is a company specialized in creating images by computer and multimedia contents. With our services, ideas and projects can be shown in a way that was unimaginable until recently; buildings can be displayed and you can walk through them even before starting to build them. We are specialists in:

3D modelling of buildings, incorporating cutting-edge technologies in display and animation.

  • Creation of interactive contents, providing new support with a range of communication and promotion possibilities.
  • Virtual reality. We are forerunners in creating virtual spaces that you and your public can visit as if they really exist.
  • Video games. We create all types of video games and interactive experiences, including video gaming for the web and mobile devices.