Sector of Activity: Marketing

Foundation date: April 2011

Number of employees: 2

Area occupied in Citilab:  Company area II. Floor 2. Loft 1 (P2A1)

Differential element of innovation: The progress of human interaction through new technologies makes transformation in communication compulsory, to be able to adapt to the present day and and new types of users (millennial generation)

Today’s communication should be designed to impact and transmit contents to attract the attention of consumers. Traditional communication is no longer effective, as a result of saturation of messages that has made users immune. New incentives are required to attract their attention and appeal to them.

LTC&GROUP develops high-impact solutions to target messages and foster interaction, aimed at transforming communication to different fields of business action, and adapting it to a new innovative scenario, adjusted to today’s reality.


Contact: Lucio Tavera (