Sector of Activity: Design and management of projects for operational change and improvement.

Foundation date: 2010 

Number of employees: 2

Area occupied in Citilab:  Company area II. Floor 2. Loft 8 (P2A8)

Differential element of innovation: Based on over 25 years of team experience in the organization of production, logistics, engineering and R&D in Spain, Germany, the UK and Brazil, Lance focuses on:

  • Simplifying consultancy projects to reduce costs and facilitate the project
  • Targeting the input of an external advisor on truly critical issues
  • Developing the collaboration of the whole team in an integrated platform
  • Introducing and adapting state-of-the-art solutions to the reality of the company and its market
  • Applying the most appropriate technology to operational demands
  • Giving support to the implementation and consolidation of company improvements.

Lance Consult is an innovative consultancy and training project, with a design-type approach and process management of operational change and improvement. It works in four key areas of the company, that are work processes, the human team, its model of leadership and the technological platform. Lance Consult is able to draw-up a complete improvement programme, train the company team and manage the implementation project, so that it reaches its goals of effectiveness, efficiency and innovation on the market.