Sector of Activity: Web and mobile development services and implementation of free software.

Foundation date: October 2018

Area occupied in Citilab: Labworking

Differential element of innovation: Adab1ts aims to contribute to the development of social economy and solidarity by combining technology and communication. We provide the incorporation of technological innovation to organizations, in order to help them overcome the digital divide and to develop their transforming projects. Our developments are flexible, scaleable and adaptable to changes in applications, websites and online stores with Angular, NativeScript, Ruby on Rails and Jekyll.

We also provide assessment to organizations to improve their operation, adapting their technological infrastructure and incorporating new technologies to their workflows.  We make the technology potential available to all by adapting to the needs and possibilities of each project. This is done with a creative, multidisciplinary and approachable team, which highlights accessibility, pedagogy, collaborative work and gender perspective.