Citilab has added 133 new citilabers during the month of September!

With the start of all the Citilab trainings, September has been a month with a lot of activity. Between the last week of September and the first of October, all the training sessions for people of all ages, levels and areas of interest have begun, and a large number of citizens have wanted to get involved and to be part of the community of citilabers.

In 20 working days in September, 133 new citilaber cards have been registered, which means that, when doing so, during the month, 7 new Citilab members emerged every day.

Looking to the past, 2016 ended with a total of 8,688 members, and until this month of September 2017, 735 citilabers have been incorporated into the community. So now there are 9,423 members, three months before the end of the year.

With the Citilaber card, all users can access the Citilab facilities from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., use the Opensurf computers, receive technological support from Citilab experts, participate in innovation activities and technology, come in a group to work on a project, get discounts on activities and sign up for the training offer.

Carnet de Citilaber

All the training sessions of the second semester of the year have already begun, but if you are interested in programming, robotics, mobile applications, collaboration projects, culture maker or video games consult all the training offer and don’t let the next inscription period escape!

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