The closest Internet of Things

On March 30 the “IoT: how to make intelligent objects” took place, organized by Citilab with CSS Ibérica and Iberoxarxa, two companies of the enterprising ecosystem of Citilab.

With the assistance of about twenty people, the day introduced the concept of the Internet of things in an understandable way, with the basic definition of the elements involved and a practical demonstration of how the objects are communicated through of waves.


Advantages of the Internet of Things

Daniel Martínez, technician in pedagogy of innovation at Citilab, highlighted some of the advantages of the interconnection of objects, such as obtaining environmental data, controlling the presence of objects to prevent theft, the possibility of improving the Assistance to people in a situation of vulnerability or, more often, to control the lights of a home, among many others.

During the second part of the day, Miguel Ferrera and Jaume Olivé presented the operation of the Whitecat software and hardware ecosystem, with which the sensors or nodes can be programmed to generate this interconnection between objects. In addition, they presented the LORA network, which covers 95% of the territory of Cornellà, and presents as advantages its low cost and low consumption. Being an alternative network, you can reach places where there is no Wi-Fi coverage, and gives the possibility that the same users can expand it.

As examples, we showed the operation of a humidity and temperature sensor, a level meter and an actuator to open a door if we left the keys in the house.

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