Obicex presents Aula Futura, a research and innovation project

On Monday, October 2 at 4 pm,  Obicex Foundation presents Aula Futura, a reserach project that aims to redefine the concept of ‘classroom’ and investigate how it will be and the teaching of the future.

This presentation event aims to present to the attendees the objectives of this project, which is in a first phase of co-construction and also offers all interested people the opportunity to join the team that will carry out the research.

In an increasingly digitized society where technology plays an important role, Obicex raises the appearance of new profitable business opportunities for companies and individuals. Reflecting on the little mutability of teaching, the Aula Futura project presents the challenge of innovating in the field of education, taking advantage of new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, gamification or big data.

In this way, the Obicex project aims to analyze critically the concept of the classroom as we know it today, discarding the traditional pedagogical model of teaching classes magically, in spaces more or less massified and organized by linear rows where the students show, in general, a passive attitude towards the figure of the teacher.

Obicex Foundation, an expert in experiential communication, raises the need to organize research activities in the field of knowledge management represented by the classroom, which can be real or virtual, with the application of technologies and related resources.

If you wish to receive more information about this event and form part of it, you can contact Obicex by calling 900 649 455.

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