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You can now sign up for the 6th workshop and the 7th official drones course!

6th Workshop for professional and amateur use of drones

On Monday, October 9th, the 6th workshop for professional and amateur use of drones will be held at Citilab, which was organized by Facility Management por Infraestructuras Críticas S.L.

The workshop will give you all the necessary theory to pilot these unmanned aircraft but you will also work with real drones to assemble them from pieces, watch real-flight videos and pilot them in the first person.

  • Price: € 90 € 20 discount to people residing in Cornellà and people who are unemployed or young people who have one of the parents on unemployment. The bids are cumulative.
  • Registration and more information: infodrones (at) fmic.es / 93 551 06 60

7th Official Advanced Drone Pilot Course

On Monday, October 16th, the seventh edition of the official advanced drones pilot course (online and semi-face) will be commenced, also organized by FMIC with the collaboration of Citilab and Flybai.

As in the last six editions, the objective of this course is that the students become new pilots and they can obtain the certificate to be able to pilot unmanned aircraft (drones / RPA / UAV) in a professional, safe and approved way in accordance with the law.

The training is aimed at all those who need to use drones to develop their professional career or those whose use of an RPA can be useful in the future of their profession.

The semipresencial course will be hosted at the Citilab facilities and the duration of both is 3 weeks (both courses: semi-face and online). The training will culminate with a theoretical exam, a theoretical-practical exam and a practical flight exam.

The only requirement to enroll in the course is to be older than 18 years.

  • Price: € 1,100 the semi-presencial course and € 875 the online course
  • Registration and more information: infodrones (at) fmic.es / 93 551 06 60


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