Primer Episodi 'Psycho Acústica' - Club De Media

The Citilab Media Club presents the pilot chapter of the audiovisual project: ‘Psycho Acústica’

On September 27 beginning at 5:30 p.m., the dynamics of each Wednesday at the Citilab Media Club will be altered for a special reason. After more than one year of work and certainty the pilot episode of the audiovisual project ‘Psycho Acústica’ (Psycho Acoustic) will be screened at Citilab.

‘Psycho Acústica’ is the result of all collaborative learning in the audiovisual field achieved at the Media Club. All the creators of this project have participated in the production of this pilot episode becoming screenwriters, actors, producers and camera and editing technicians with the support of the experts of Citilab, Tirs Abril and Laia Sánchez.

Making off 'Psycho Acústica'

This first episode lasts 15 minutes and presents an argument and an approach that belongs to independent cinema. Professor Folg investigates psychoacoustics, the discipline that studies the subjective perception of the qualities of sound, and decides to carry out an experiment with the young journalist Carlos Famos. The objective of his study is to discover if a new form of communication exists and if that supposes a qualitative leap in the evolution of the human being.

To make this story a reality, Frederic Folgado, Alberto Canales, David Pons, Marc Nogués, Daniel Gordillo and Alfonso Pardo have given life to the characters who have starred in scenes in Cornellà: inside the Citilab, on the paths around the Llobregat River, Marta Mata Library, Fontsanta Park and Lee León Bar among others.

Curtmetratge Physo Acústica - Club de Media

The co-creation of this argument has been the excuse for all members of the Media Club to be submerged in the audiovisual world, connecting with new trends in the sector that have democratized access to new audiovisual media (transmedia , user generated content, etc.). All this learning process has been reflected in the blog of the club.

The presentation of the project will be open to all citizens. Want to see the first episode of ‘Psycho Acústica’? You can find out about Club members, receive more information and, if you are encouraged, you can join the Club de Media and continue producing this ‘psycho-serie’!

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