Reunió De La Xarxa D’entitats Locals Per La Transparència

Citilab hosts the last meeting of the Network of local entities for transparency and participation

Today Citilab has been meeting representatives of municipalities that are members of the work group of the Local Entities Network for Transparency and Citizen Participation, of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, at the invitation of the city council of Cornellà, which is a member of the network.

Carlos González Serna, president of the Government Council of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, stressed that during the meeting “the progressive degree of implementation of the law of transparency has been positively valued in all local entities associated to the network, a fundamental factor for democratic coexistence and to promote the recovery of the confidence of the citizens in the institutions.

In this sense, progress is being made in the elaboration of a guide that facilitates local authorities the implementation or development of the public openness of the data of the organizations, which establishes “common criteria and a simplified procedure and ‘widespread application in the municipal world as a whole’, according to González Serna. On the other hand, new channels of communication are being explored to facilitate the most immediate and up to date access to specialized information in Open Data.

Transparency and Open Data at the local level

The Local Entities Network for Transparency and Citizen Participation promotes the advancement of the policies of transparency and participation to local entitits, with the objective of securing the rights of access to information on the participation of citizens in the local area and promoting its involvement in open data. During the meeting, the incorporation of new local entities to the network has been approved, it is currently composed of 238 entities, between city councils, counties, federations, councils, councils and councils, covering a total of more than 21 million inhabitants.

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