Citilab collaborates with the program that promotes extra-curricular activities of robotics and programming

Citilab participates in the program, promoted in 2016 by the Generalitat de Catalunya (the Government of Catalonia) with the aim of promoting the technological vocations among the children of Catalonia.

The next months of October, November and December, Citilab will offer training and certification courses in robotics and programming for monitors, acting as a trainer of future trainers in this developing sector. The courses will be of a total of 20 hours face-to-face distributed in 4 sessions of 5 hours each one, plus 10 hours of dedication to the elaboration of a project where the monitors will have to carry out their work. The dates will soon be specified.

Within the same catalog of the program, Citilab will give training and extra-curricular and playful activities for all ages. Some examples of these proposals focusing on programming and robotics are the Citilab Clubs, the ‘Application Programming with App Inventor‘ and ‘Robotics and creative electronics with Scratch for Arduino‘ and the annual Technoestiu and Tecnohivern editions.

In this way, Citilab collaborates with to promote the creation of programming and robotic activities outside of school hours with the aim of allowing children to develop their digital and technological competencies through a playful and dynamic approach. Thus, the need to strengthen the ICT sector, a high employability sector that needs to meet the professional demand that is currently not covered can be achieved.

In addition to the creation of a catalog and agenda of extra-curricular activities of robotics and programming and the definition of training programs and certification of trainers in the same field, also focuses on the realization of talks and workshops for the associations of families of students and teachers and, finally, also in the promotion, dissemination and promotion of participation in competitions of the field of programming and robotics.

All those interested in training to be robotics and programming monitors can register by writing an email to On the other hand, all the centers or entities interested can request information on the offer of talks and activities of programming and robotics by contacting

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