Get trained in Facility Management with Citilab and FMIC

The new formative proposal of FMIC and Citilab is oriented to the reconversion of professional profiles to the trendy work sphere of  Facility Management. This concept defines the integral management of buildings and general services, taking into account all the people, spaces, processes and present technologies in a public or private organisation. Nowadays, Facility Management is a growing field, given the saving of a 40% of costs in maintenances and services that supposes to companies as well as to public institutions.

At the end of the course, students trained as Facility Managers will be competent in the global management of services and infrastructures such as the maintenance, the management of purchases, the reorganisation of places of work or the telephone attention, between many others. Therefore, it is highly recommended training for professionals of the maintenance, the security, the cleaning, building, gardening, reception, mechanics, electricity, conditioning, concierge services or even of the organisation of events.

This free course is addressed to unemployed people, that are registered as a job seekers in SOC and resident in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.

Citilab, an ideal testing ground for Facility Management

This is a face-to-face learning and will take place in Citilab facilities. Can Suris building will be the protagonist of the practical case in which students will work all the course. At the end of the formative process, the students will consolidate a ficticious Facility Management department based in data of the staff, the floor plans of the building and the accountancy, among others.

A skilled mentor will guide this process, with challenges based in real situations, and will accompany the group in the analysis and decision-making. Francisco Martínez, general director of FMIC and Miquel López, technical and expert architect in Property Management, will be teachers of the course. The training will conclude with a module of labour insertion with practices in the preparation of the curriculum adapted to the sector, simulation of job interviews and an introduction to specific channels of job offers.

The course will initiate the 30th October and will last 144 hours, conducted Monday to Friday from 10 to 14 hours, until December the 22nd. For more information, donwload this document (Catalan). To pre-register, fill this form, call to 93 551 06 60 or come to Citilab in opening hours, from 8 to 20 h.

The professional course of Facility Management is an initiative of Citilab and FMIC, with the support of the City council of Cornellà and of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. FMIC has a wide experience in Facility Management counselling, consulting and training in critical infrastructures or in companies where the security is crucial. Besides, it is one of the founders of the Catalan Association of the Facility Management.


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