Presentació De L'acord Entre AMB, IBM I Citilab

AMB, IBM and Citilab sign a collaboration agreement to develop the digital transformation of cities

An innovation area will be created, where projects and technologies can be accessed, and advanced solution prototypes can be developed for smart cities

The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB), IBM and Citilab have today announced a collaboration agreement to jointly promote the digital transformation of cities, an essential factor to upgrade public services, increase competitiveness of companies and improve the quality of life of citizens. Through this agreement, the three organizations are to develop the start-up of an innovation area at the premises of Citilab in Cornellà de LlobregatJaume Collboni, vice-president of Social and Economic Development of the AMB, Antonio Balmón, president of Citilab, i Marta Martínez, president of IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel, have today presented this initiative.

The main purpose of the centre will be to offer administrations, companies, developers and entrepreneurs the possibility of accessing AMB projects and the different IBM technology capacities, within the framework of Citilab. A programme of grants for entrepreneurs is also included, along with the development of prototypes of advanced solutions and social innovation programmes to promote the use and knowledge of technologies among citizens. To do this, the three organizations plan to provide various resources, services and technological solutions. This could mean a joint investment of around 300,000 euros.

Experience the latest technology advances

Through this innovation area, it is proposed that administrations can experience, in a test environment, the various solutions and services offered by the AMB,
through its advanced technology platform. This will facilitate management and communication with citizens, by means of mobile technology. It will also be possible to access the IBM POEM (Platform for Municipalities) technology platform for smart cities. This will enable small, medium and large municipalities to use the potential ofInternet of Things and   Industry 4.0 from IBM.

The centre will also have access to different services and programmes available in the IBM Bluemix cloud, which include artificial intelligence and cognitive computing solutions. All this technology potential will convert this area into an innovation“garage”, where through co-creation and collaboration, new prototypes and solutions will be created to facilitate the progress of cities in digital transformation. In this respect, IBM has wide experience in creating innovation “garages” throughout the world, specializing in highly advanced technology areas. They are used as meeting points for developers, designers, entrepreneurs, etc.

“Public-private collaboration enables new tools to be provided, so that the municipalities that form part of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, can learn about them and propose others. In the current context, the path towards this new paradigm is irreversible. It is taking citizens even nearer to public services, and enables them to easily interact with new
technologies, to improve the city””
, stated Jaume Collboni, vice-president of Social and Economic Development of the AMB.

 Antonio Balmón, president of Citilab underlined that Citilab provides an ecosystem open to these types of initiatives, and wide experience in innovation applied to social improvement and startups, with a highly significant technology component. “Today, Citilab is a benchmark facility of Europe in this type of innovation”, said Balmón.

Finally the president of IBM Spain, Marta Martínez, highlighted that it is very rewarding for IBM to provide its technology, experience and knowledge for a purpose of great social impact, where new technologies generate new services and better quality for citizens. She  insisted on the importance of public-private collaboration to generate innovation in our society.

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