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Open Data Lab Summer Week: Creativity and Innovation Are the Keys of Open Data Value

This week the Open Data Lab Summer Week has been developed, with a set of free activities to approach the economical value of open data to small and medium enterprises and to the general public.

The workshop ‘Creating Open-Data-Based projects’, Carmen Lavado, computer engineer and specialist in IT management for boosting and developing public administration modernization, explained the basic concepts about open data and highlighted their value for enterprises, as they are a “costless raw material.”

Public institutions have to keep on working to ensure the data accuracy, their up-to-date and their understandable presentation as a transparency matter. From her point of view, the reuse of data needs of “infrastructure enhacement, innovation promotion and data alphabetisation.”

Images: @iopendatabcn

Javier González, managing director of Citilab opened, with Lourdes Muñoz, Iniciativa Barcelona Open Data president, the SME session ‘Open Data, a Value for my Project’. In his speech, he emphasized the need of having data for decision-making, in the public sector as well as in the private one.

Alberto Abella, open data expert, introduced the session with the inicial talk ‘Data Economy’ with a description of the data available in the net and the focus point to take into account when iniciating an open-data-based project: an innovative idea, the data license, the updating frecuency and its quality, and a generous stimation in time planification. He also dismantled the myths associated to open data, one by one, from the lack of impact, illustrated with examples where citizens have leaked tax fraud cases, to the fact that all data needed are available when they are needed, giving the fact that less than 1% of administration data are published in real time.

Images: @iopendatabcn i Citilab

Afterwards, the best practices discussion panel hosted the speeches of Daniel Jadraque, of, who told about the barriers he finds working with data everyday, like the lack of stardards and the inequal protection of data in legislations in different countries; and Daniel Nogué‘s, of, who explained a model which, mingling public and private data, can be useful for entrepreneurs as well as for the local administration.

The session ended with a workshop on open data search and usage, guided by Abella himself, in which the participants used collections of data from the portal.

The Open Data Summer Week ended with the ‘OpenDataViz’ unconference about data visualization. During two and a half hours, a few dozen of partipants showed research material, tood and projects, ended and current, in which different methods of visualizing data facilitated their understanding and the access of all kinds of public. This projects were useful either in a personal sphere, for the improvement of business eficiency or to raise awareness about social issues.

Among others, works were presented about users’ behaviors in commuting shared public transportation, the reality of tourist apartments in Girona, the improvement of the efficiency in selective collection of waste, the graphical representation of sporting results and elit athlete’s performances, the localization of the nodes of a users-created telecommunication network (, a virtual reality map about noise in Barcelona, the verification of public data about United Kingdom’s start-ups, the evolution in the access of data offered by the World Bank, the analysis of the participation in forums and the evolution of communities, and the use of data related with the expenses of tourists depending on their origin and how long they stay in the city.

The unconferencers were: Jaume Pérez, Nacho GarciaFerran MoralesJosep Maria SabatéJosep JordanaFernando CucchiettiJosep AlmirallRaül SanchezCarles Illa and Josep M. Estevez.

Images: Citilab

The Summer Week is framed within the Open Data Lab, the school of data of Baix Llobregat, driven by Citilab with Iniciativa Barcelona Open Data and the support of Metropolitan Area of BarcelonaProvincial Deputation of Barcelona, Cornellà’s local council and Barcelona’s local council.

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