Llega La Segunda Edicion De La Jornada Apropa ¡no Te La Puedes Perder

The second edition of the Jornada Apropa arrives. You can’t miss it!

You are not sure what you want to study or what do you want to dedicate? Do you have doubts about your professional future? Want to get closer to a lot of different job world? Come on March 29th at Citilab and enjoy an enriching and fun morning that can help you decide how your future will be!

Next Wednesday Citilab hosts the Apropa Fair, a meeting and advisory space for recycling and professional and academic guidance. The day, which will start at 9.30 a.m. and end at 2:00 p.m., has been organized by the City Council of Cornellà with the collaboration of various centers and entities of the municipality.

This year’s fair will bring together a series of training and leisure activities aimed at students and families to publicize the educational and training options existing in Cornellà and, in particular, those offered by Citilab and its business ecosystem.

Citilab will present the projects carried out by the members of the makers, media and programming clubs and a small presentation of IoT will be presented, which will be held on the following day the same day. In addition, attendees will also be able to find a sample of the Formative Cycle of Animations 3D, Games and Interactive Environments of Obicex, the drones of FMIC and of the application against bullying BCNresol.

In the Vicenç Badenes auditorium and Citilab classroom C will be a wide variety of talks about career opportunities, professions of the future, personal competences. In addition, more specific issues such as cyberbullying, the virtual reality or the artistic studies will also be discussed. A whole range of possibilities to cover the interests of all attendees.

Besides to the presentations, the lobby, Opensurf, classrooms B, C and 0, and the outer square of Can Suris will offer all kinds of workshops and information points so that participants can experiment and ask everything they want about the areas that most attract attention to them.

Therefore, the young people will be able to participate in the different workshops of kitchen, commerce, hairdressing and aesthetics, papiroflexia, programming or gardening. The objective is that, through this dynamic of the most entertaining, all students can discover or clarify their vocation and their tastes to knit their future.

The attendance is free and open, but to participate in any of the workshops that stand out in the program it is necessary that the interested parties get in touch with their educational center of Cornellà.

DIPTIC of the Jornada Apropa (pdf)

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