Apuntate A La Nueva Edicion Del Curso Iniciate Del Mes De Abril

Join the new edition of “Inicia’t” course in April

A new edition of “Inicia’t” course begins at Citilab in April. If the idea of surfing the Internet attracts you, or you want to save photos of the last holidays you still have in the camera or on your computer but you don’t know how, this is a good opportunity to enter the possibilities of the Internet and computer equipment.

With this training you can take the first steps in the use of the Internet and computers, and acquire basic knowledge for navigation, information search and storage in different media. In addition, the creation of documents and the use of email and images is introduced. The work is practical and focuses on specific objectives, so that the knowledge is acquired as they become necessary to advance.

Two groups will be formed: one Monday morning 11 am to 1 pm, and another Thursday afternoon from 4 pm to 6 pm. The training lasts 16 hours, divided into 8 sessions of 2 hours. Beyond the training days, groups can continue practicing in the OpenSurf free navigation space, which has computers and Internet connection, from 9 am to 8 pm.

The basic idea is to use computer equipment and the Internet with autonomy, taking advantage of all the resources offered by the network. In addition, this course is a first stage to be able to access the rest of the Citilab training offer, such as the SeniorLab or the Clubs, among others.

To sign up, you can visit Citilab (9 am to 8 pm), call 93 551 06 60 or write to inscripcio@e-citilab.eu. This training is free, the only requirement is to register as Citilaber. The card has a cost of 3 euros per year and allows access to the facilities and free training offered by Citilab.

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