Mes De 70 Joves Participen Al Taller Pilota Un Avio Sense Tocar Els Comandaments Al Yomo

More than 70 young people participate in the workshop ‘Pilot an airplane without touching the controls’ on the YoMo

On Tuesday, February 28, Citilab collaborated with the BitBot program of educational robotics and programming offering the workshop ‘Pilot an airplane without touching the controls‘ at YoMo, The Youth Mobile Festival, organized by the Mobile World Congress with the participation of Mobile World Capital Barcelona. This event is aimed at students of Catalonia to inspire new vocations towards the professional careers of the STEM sector (acronyms of ‘Science, technology, engineering and mathematics’).

Inside the Fira de Montjuïc venue, the workshop was performed twice successfully filling the space with tables, chairs and computers for a little more than thirty attendees. Students of Primary, Secondary, High School and Formative Cycles took part during 1 hour in the creation and the takeoff of a digital airplane through Snap4Arduino.

With this programming tool, following the instructions of the workshop instructor and with the constant support of Citilab professionals, young people drew their own flying objects and a landscape in motion, leaving their creativity free of charge.

Thus, interacting with the Snap4Arduino program, an Arduino board and a motion sensor, the students managed to fly their digital plane closer and moving away their hands from the infrared sensor.

Thanks to this dynamic, the YoMo workshop made it possible for more than 70 Catalan students to use the Snap4Arduino programming in a fun and entertaining way. With the implementation of this type of activity, the BitBot program wants to make young people understand that programming and robotics are not distanced from fun and encourages them to lose their fear of technological careers. is a program promoted by the Secretary of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and Digital Society of the Generalitat de Catalunya in collaboration with the Department of Education that was created with the aim of promoting the digital competences of young people, the technological vocations and the extra-curricular offer of activities in the field of programming and robotics.

Taller YoMo: 'Pilota un avió sense tocar els comandaments'

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